Tips to Finding a Quality Shoe

When it comes to my purchases I need to make sure it is worth every penny, because spending money on poor quality items is a major let down. So, today, we wanted to provide you with some solid tips for buying quality shoes.

Tip 1- Wear your TRUE shoe size

If you are an 8 ½ wear an 8 ½ not an 8. Don’t focus on the number think about how you would look after a couple of hours in that too small shoe. Your face would be a lot happier if your feet were. Get your size! Plus you won’t have to stretch them out which extends the life of your shoe also.

Tip 2 – Look at how the sole is attached to the shoe.


If the sole is stitched on, make sure the stitches are even and look secure. If it’s glued on, check to make sure that there is no space around the edges where the sole could start to peel off. You want a sole that’s seamless and isn’t going anywhere.

More expensive shoes are usually sewn to the sole, hand stitching or more likely machine stitching is more time consuming.


Tip 3 -Pay attention to the lining.

In high-quality shoes, the insole lining is usually made of leather, not a synthetic material, and goes all the way around the inside of the shoe. If the shoe only has lining on the bottom but not the sides (that’s where people get confused on stretching their shoes, if it doesn’t have a full leather insole it’s not going anywhere)


Tip 4- Material matters.

Leather is the most popular material for high heels. Make sure that you buy shoes that aren’t made out of synthetic fibers like nylon or plastic. These will be extremely uncomfortable after a few wears, and won’t last nearly as long.

Also, with non-leather shoes, they don’t allow your feet to breathe so you will more likely slip out of your shoes because of the moisture wrapped inside the shoe.

Something else to note:

Manufacturers put a stiffening agent in the heel area, or the counter of the shoe, so it retains its shape. The stiff nature of the counter makes it a prime spot for friction and blisters. If you have leather shoes, they will be more pliable and allow your feet to move with the shoe instead of a plastic shoe that doesn’t move with the foot. It forces it to stay in place.

Tip 5-  A quality high heel will be securely attached.

Look to see if it is reinforced with double stitching and the stitching will not be visible to the naked eye. Make sure your shoes are tight. Take a good look at the sole before you take it to the cashier. All the embellishments need to be as secure on the shoe also. If you see stitching, make sure it is quality all around the shoe. Otherwise the adornment will fall off and then your sole will separate.

Tip 6-  High quality high heel shoes generally have leather heels and will have a rubber or nylon top piece located at the very bottom of the heel.

A leather heel aids in the overall structural design of the shoe and will make you feel secure when walking in them. Unlike high quality heels, a cheap heel will be made of plastic.  When you walk in the plastic heels they will feel unstable. If you do spot a shoe that has a plastic heel avoid it at all costs. The $40 heel is so cute and affordable, but when you get the corns or your heel breaks on you, you’ll wish you got the better shoe.

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34 thoughts on “Tips to Finding a Quality Shoe”

  1. I have honestly never even thought about this. I buy what I like and I own A LOT of shoes – but only some of them are good quality.

  2. No way to plastic heels! I am with you 100% on this post – and recommend spending more on shoes (or anything) because they will last so much longer and will be much better worth your money!
    Karen |

  3. I learned that buying high quality shoes is worth the extra money! I am a mom and meeting planner so I am always running around and comfortable shoes are a must. Thank you for the tips on what to look for.

  4. Good tips but I must admit that shoes are not something I worry with getting high quality unless they are my running shoes.

  5. I have honestly not thought a ton about this. I usually wear Toms around because they fit me so darn well. I should pay attention especially for my husband’s shoes.

  6. I have suffered with plantar fasciitis for several years and finally had surgery on one foot earlier this year. I now realize that I’m going to have to spend more money on a good quality shoe for the health of my feet than I did before.

  7. Thanks for these tips. Oftentimes I buy shoes just because I like the design and the comfort it provides my feet. But then, not all of them last for a long time. I will have to remember these tips when I go shop for a new pair.

  8. Oh, these are great tips! I am having a hard time finding quality shoes. I will take notes of these.

  9. I don’t buy shoes often, I just make sure I have the basics so I have something to wear for every occasion. That’s why I invest on good quality shoes so they won’t wear out as often. These are very good tips!

  10. This was an informative post. It is important to get a great quality shoe or your feet will be in pain trust I learned my lessons.

  11. Funny, I went shoe shopping the other day and I wrote about it in my blog. I normally go for flats these days and wedges as well. You can never go wrong with number one! It’s important that the shoe fits you well! I appreciate all the tips that you have here, though! Thanks!

  12. Those are very useful tips! I love shoes that have really good quality because that means they will last longer and I’m getting what I’m paying for. But you’re not really sure sometimes and that’s where these tips will come in handy!

  13. What I find most difficult is in some brands I’m one shoe size, while in another I’m a different shoe size. I reckon trying them on is best in my case. Great tips

  14. Such useful advice! I didn’t know the last thing you mention about heels. I always bought shoes with leather heels simply because they look better. Now I have an even better reason the buy the more expensive ones 😉

  15. These are great tips! I’ve never thought that much about shoe buying but maybe that’s why they all fall apart.

  16. This is so much information that I never knew. Great stuff to refer to when you go to get shoes. ( I am writing as I sit here in old flip flops.)

  17. I love collecting shoes, and these tips is going to be helpful to me. Thanks for the awesome advice!

  18. These are great tips. Every time I get shoes that are poor quality but look cute I regret it as soon as my feet start getting blisters!

  19. Wow! You really break it down. I don’t even think about all of those different parts.

  20. I have learned what a good quality shoe is. There is one or two brands that I will buy and even though they are a little more expensive, I will splurge.

  21. This are some very interesting tips. I’ve never been one to buy cheap shoes because they just fall apart too easily. Thanks for sharing.

  22. My mother always taught me to pay for quality and not shop quantity. If 10 shoes of cheaper quality cost the same as 2 high quality shoes, those 10 will eventually become a waste of money 10 times sooner than the high quality shoes would’ve.

  23. I didn’t really shop for good quality shoes as a pair of slippers is more than enough for me ^^”’ Anyway, really need to learn this as might need to wear a quality heels in future or any formal events.

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