9 Confidence Boosting Tips to Help You Slay Date Night

9 tips to help you slay date night

9 Confidence Boosting Tips to Help You Slay Date Night

Okay, mega babe – you’re all dolled up. You’re looking fierce. Your makeup is on fire (thanks, YouTube!) Your hair? Slayed. You’re rocking your go-to outfit that makes you strut like Beyonce. You’re ready to slay date night. But wait – oh no. These nerves begin to settle in.

Stop! Before you totally freak yourself out, here are some tips to help you blow past insecurities and doubts with serious swagger:

1. Grab Your Favorite Scent

Spritzing your favorite fragrance does more than just make you smell lovely. It actually works as a confidence booster, too! No, really. One study found that a whopping 90% of women feel more confident while wearing a scent than those who were fragrance free. So add on that extra layer of sweet and sexy !

2. Better Posture, My Dear

Yeah, mom was right. The next time you find yourself slumping in a chair or slouching your shoulders – sit up straight! According to research, doing so can lead to more confident thoughts. Plus, sitting with good posture can keep both your self esteem and mood lifted. Experts recommend opening up your chest and keeping your head level to look—and feel—assured and poised.

3. Strike a Power Pose

As silly as it might sound, striking a power pose can boost your confidence, too! Throw your hands in the air and hold it for just two minutes, and you’ll feel a rush of confidence and energy. Creating your pep rally cheer is totally optional.

4. Turn Up the Music

Jamming out to your favorite tunes can do wondrous things for your mind and body. In fact, there are at least 20 health benefits associated with it! And now, recent research implies that listening to music may lead to feeling more powerful. Also, the heavier the bass in your songs, the more powerful you’ll feel!

5. Snap a #Selfie

Maybe selfies get a bad rap for being narcissistic, but honey, we say if you slay, snap away! If you need some research or science to back it up, over 65% of girls surveyed by TODAY/AOL said that seeing their faces on a social platform makes them feel more confident. Go ahead. Take a pic!

6. Embrace Your Superstitions

Do you have a lucky dress or bracelet? Research suggests that having these ‘tokens’ can lead to improved performance and setting bigger goals – all by boosting your self confidence. And this even goes beyond physical objects. Performing rituals and routines, like rocking out to your favorite song, is also believed to increase confidence while decreasing anxiety. So embrace those quirky superstitions, girl!

7. Be Flirty

You’re going on a date, so you might say, “duh!” But bring your A game, ladies. Sure, flirting is fun, but it’s got some serious benefits for your psyche. In fact, psychologists believe it can make us feel better about ourselves. One study suggests that female flirtation is perceived as confidence. Win-win on a date night, don’t you think?

8. Don’t Be Afraid to Smile

Smiling can make us feel good from the inside out. Christine Clapp, a public speaking expert at George Washington University, says that smiling makes you appear both confident and composed. But this effect isn’t just on the outside. Smiling can actually help kick feelings of stress to the curb, opening the doors for happier, more relaxed feelings.

9. Just Say F*** It!

No, literally. Say f*** it. If you’ve got a mouth like a sailor, but worried about coming off too brash, well, we’ve got an excuse for you. Experts believe that swearing may make us feel empowered, boosting our confidence and self esteem. Of course, this may not be appropriate for every situation, but let loose a bit.

You’ve got this, girl! You’ve got a date to slay.