Superb Couture Footwear was founded by a woman who just wanted quality and fashionable footwear. Experiencing continued frustration about the lack of footwear in larger shoe sizes prompted the start of this company. For those who have experienced the same issues, you can look no further!

We specialize in providing quality footwear for women ranging from size 5 to 13 with a special emphasis on women who wear larger shoe sizes. In addition to providing a wide selection of footwear, we also offer accessories and foot care products for your foot care needs. Our products do not contain chemicals or additives. Because we are environmentally focused, some of the ingredients used are “Certified Organic” and “Wild-Crafted”. Our philosophy at Superb Couture Footwear is that women should not only look good but feel good in their shoes as well. With this mission in mind, we have dedicated an entire section related to protecting your feet, caring for your feet, and most importantly loving your feet whatever the size!

Please feel free to browse our selection of superb footwear, stylish accessories and natural foot care products to accommodate your needs. As you browse the website, we have provided a shop by category that allows you to search for a specific item quickly without having to scroll through countless pages of products.

If you have any questions, you can contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will assist you in the best way possible.