4 Tips to Keep Your Shoes Around Longer!

Today we are going to give you all some amazing tips on how to make your shoes last! We all hate to part with a beloved pair of flats or boots, and with the tips below, you can make sure to keep those loved shoes around a bit longer!

Tip 1: Replace the bottom sole and use heel caps before they even touch the pavement. The sole adds grip to the shoe, less slips and falls. Guys this also applies to you but more remember to replace your sole when needed. The heel cap protects the heel from wearing down too soon. Also from those deadly cracks in sideways. I know I have scraped a good amount of heels from those never failing cracks.

Tip 2:  Magic Eraser’s you know the one’s from Mr. Clean, yes the bald guy. Those are great for removing stains from light colored shoes. BUT use them as soon as you see the stain heels, sneakers, or flats. Mr. Clean might be able to revitalize your shoes. A quick way to avoid the petty stains all together is to remember to waterproof your shoes, very simple and very useful.

Tip 3: KEEP THE BOX. Or at the VERY least the shoe bag. The box is the bed for the shoes and the bag is the blanket. You can have one without the other, but why? Leave enough space between them so they aren’t squished and can breathe. Keep out of direct sunlight so the color doesn’t fade.

Tip 4: Fix issues as soon as they happen. Treat it as a wound, the sooner the better. You can’t be too soon, but you can be too late when it comes to certain wear and tear. It’s always good to keep up on your shoes. Keep them clean, check for tears, and waterproof them again if needed.

That’s all our tips for now! Remember, if they are your favorite shoes, treat them like it! Taking a little time to dry off wet shoes before putting them away, or polishing up some leather shoes will help them last much longer!

15 thoughts on “4 Tips to Keep Your Shoes Around Longer!”

    1. Any tips to keep shoes around longer are welcome here. Shoes are so expensive! It’s smart to keep the box. I like the Mr. Clean Eraser tip too.

  1. Thank you for the great advice on how to keep your shoes around for longer. I have a pair of boots that I absolutely love and I would hate to see them fade away. I had never thought to use a Magic Eraser on them in order to get the big stains out — interesting! Thanks for the advice!

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