Quick Tips for Finding a Shoe for Any Occasion!

Often times we ladies find ourselves in a situation we might not have been in before, and we resort to googling the answer to find out what shoes would be appropriate to wear in that given situation so today we wanted to help you out. We’re going to cover a few different events you might encounter in your work or personal life and suggest the best shoe for that occasion.


Situation 1: Interview

Whether for grad school, a job you want, a promotion you deserve, interviews are a stressful thing. You aren’t sure what you should be wearing and don’t want to over dress or be dressed down.

We suggest a nice pump. It’s classic. It’s professional and having on heels will help you have a confidence boost!

Situation 2: A friend’s weddingbrigid-mushroom.default.1024-500x500

Weddings are always a good time, and usually last for a pretty long time. You want to look good, but also you need to remember that you’re going to be on your feet chatting, dancing and hanging out for a good amount of time.

We suggest wearing a pair of cute heels that compliment your outfit AND bringing a pair of comfy flats to change into towards the end of the night! It makes it easier to you to enjoy yourself and walk around after a few drinks, plus there are so many stylish flats out now, no one will even second guess it! And it’s better than dancing barefoot when there’s sure to be spilled drinks or something!


Deal-Up-black-500x500Situation 3: A work conference or trade show!

Often times during your career, you might be invited to attend an event that may last one day or several days and may even be out of town. If you’ve never been to a conference or trade show before, you might assume that you want to dress to impress, because there are so many networking potentials there, but also remember, trade shows are constant walking. You’ll be going to and from various booths, as well as possibly walking to a shuttle.

We suggest a classy pair of flats. They are comfortable and will support your feet but will still look good with your professional outfit, and you can add a touch of your personal style in them to stand out among the crowd! This way, you won’t be limping by the end of day 1 when you still have two more days left!

That’s all for this installment of What Do I Wear? If you have an event coming up and you aren’t sure what to wear, contact us below and let us know what it is and we will include it in our next post! Thank you for joining us Shoe Lovers!

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