Benefits and Uses of Lavender Oil

From anxiety relief to speed healing wounds, lavender oil is packed with potent benefits and uses. Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is a purple flowered herb belonging to the mint family. It is a well-established scent with a wide range of countless products fully utilizing its pleasant aroma.

Lavender oil’s multiple medicinal properties make it a very useful natural product to store in the medicine cabinet.lavender

Muscle and Cramp Relief


Lavender oil along with a carrier oil massaged into sore muscles or cramping area provides relaxing relief. The carrier is used to dilute and deliver the powerful essential oil. A little goes a long way.

Muscle and cramps can also be tended to through a bath. A few drops of lavender oil with a handful or two of Epsom salt into a warm bath soothes pain away and is great for skin health.


The reparative effects of lavender serve well for sunburned and damaged skin. Effectively taking the edge off the sharp pain of sunburn.

Nerve pain

As with muscle and cramp relief, lavender oil also treats in the relief of nerve pain. Nerve pain is often sporadic and sharp. Lavender oil works to tame the damaged nerve and reduce the shooting pain.


Lavender oil is a powerful anti-itch, effectively killing the itch from such things as mosquito and other bug bites. A few drops works quickly to sooth itchy skin, making it great for eczema and other skin conditions. The lavender bath is a great remedy to combat dry, itchy winter skin.

Skin conditions

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Dry skin, burns, eczema, acne, and dandruff all are conditions that improve with the use of lavender. Hair rinse, baths, combined with lotion or other oils, and careful spot treatments are all effective ways used to improve a skin condition with lavender.


The calming and peaceful effects of lavender improve moods of anxiousness and nervousness.


Multiple medical research studies have concluded that inhalation of lavender is a safe and effective treatment for acute headaches and migraines.[1]


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Lavender is a powerful natural remedy for insomniacs or anyone experiencing sleeplessness. Sending the scent into the air either through a diffuser or steaming water induces deep relaxation and soothes the mind making it far easier to fall asleep.


There are emerging studies on the stabilization and maintenance of diabetes with lavender oil. There have been reports of improved and healthy blood sugar levels as well as effects on the liver and kidney, the most effected organs of diabetics.