Unique Gifts for Shoe Lovers

A Shoe Lover’s Shoe

A Shoe Lover's Shoe

Shoe lovers are people who love shoes and anything that has to do with them. Nothing makes them happier than a new pair of stilletos. Buying an actual pair as a gift can be rather difficult, though, because each brand and style differs in size and fit. In order to avoid that problem, these are some unique gifts for shoe lovers that you can give instead.

Home Decorations

Shoes are used in many ways for home decorations. You can find flowerpots, vases, a beautifully painted shoe knick-knack to set on a shelf or a modern painting to hang on the wall.  Take a picture of the person´s favorite shoe, frame it and give it as a gift.


Many people enjoy calendars that have a picture at the top and large block squares for each day on the bottom. The block squares offer space to write in the things to remember for the day. Others like the same type of calendars, but half the size. Both of these have shoe themes that will delight the recipient with a new picture for every month. These calendars are especially nice for people who have birthdays in November, December or January, and they make wonderful Christmas gifts, as well.

Stationary Supplies

Journals often have a cover with sandals or stilletos on the front, and when you open them up, each page sports a picture of at least one. There are shoe pencils, ink pens, stickers, notepads, writing paper and envelopes that make great birthday gifts. Desk items, such as paper weights, pencil holders, envelope openers and business card holders often have a footgear theme, too

Wrapping Supplies

You can buy your friend or family member a gift that is totally unrelated to footwear, and wrap it in wrapping paper with a shoe theme. There are even beautiful bows made from ribbon stamped with sandals! Add a card decorated with the same, and the gift recipient will be delighted.


There is a whole line of jewelry that displays shoes. You can find them on necklaces, earrings and charms. If you look hard enough you might even find a wrist watch that includes one.

Miscellaneous Items

Party decorations often have different types of footgear displayed everywhere. There are many miscellaneous gifts you can purchase that sport neat looking shoes. You can choose between coffee cups, magnets for the refrigerator, a high heel cake server or door stop, key chains, coasters or even a gift card.

Let your imagination run wild when you start looking for a suitable shoe lover’s gift. Remember your gift doesn’t have to be an actual pair of sandals or heels.  You’ll be amazed at the unique gifts with footgear themes that you can find to please and delight a shoe loving person.