How To Identify The Pressure Points on Your Feet

Hello Ladies, Welcome back! Today was a hard day. Your feet hurt, your back is aching and your bra is way too tight. All you need is a foot rub and a drink and you my dear will be on cloud nine. I know the feeling and the need. So today we are going to go over the pressure points of the foot so next time you have a rough day you can them exactly where to press and how hard to rub your feet.

The hands and feet together make up more than half the bones in the human body. There are 206 bones in the human body; 106 of these are in the hands and feet (27 in each hand and 26 in each foot

Every part of the anatomy is connected to the foot and is represented by a reflex-zone located on a specific part of the foot.  By accurately applying pressure to these specific areas, the relevant part of the foot and/or body is contacted. Use your thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to the exact areas you want to relax. Apply enough pressure to generate a response, but not so much that the pain is constant and severe.  Be sure to apply pressure to the entire foot reflex zone

Reflexology is a state of deep relaxation where you become open to suggestions, much like hypnosis you become very receptive. And much like hypnosis some believe in it and some do not. Reflexology affects your organs and glands by stimulating pressure points on your body. The feet have over 15,000 nerves in them, which is why the carry so many pressure points for your entire body.

Place a few seconds pressure on these key points on your foot and be receptive to the relaxation. Visualize a better you, a happier you and your thoughts will start to affect the world around you

Use your thumb or index finger to simply press for 5 seconds on each of the areas.




Come on ladies try it out, it can’t do any harm to test out a new way to relax! Life is hard and long. Take some time to relax!

Let us know what happened after you tried it? Did you try a massage parlor and did they touch any of these spots? We want to know what happened if anything. Did you feel more relaxed afterwards? We care and we want to know how to better help you.

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  1. I will have to try this. I’ve heard of reflexology but i thought it was more rubbing the feet, this makes way more sense. I’m going to pin it and try it next week after vacation.

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